Traffic Shaping Problem

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I know this is a Cisco forum but I have a QoS problem with an Adtran I was hoping someone could shed some light on because the commands are similar. I have the below policy configured on an Adtran Netvanta 3200. This is metro E customer so we have to shape the traffic. The problem I have is odd. If I apply just the qos-voip-map to the wan interface I can see that packets are being tagged as they should be but the obviously if I do this nothing will be shaped. However when I apply the traffic shaper policy to the wan nothing gets matched and tagged. Any help would be appreciated. Currently I have a trouble ticket with Adtran and I waiting to hear back from them. Thanks

qos map qos-voip-map 10
match dscp 46
match precedence 5
set dscp 46
qos map qos-voip-map 20
match list qos-acl
set dscp 26

qos map traffic-shaper 10
qos-policy qos-voip-map
shape average 10000000
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