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Possibly the strangest request here yet?

I've recently picked up a 7914 for my home lab, but it came without the data cable (I have an old power brick, so ok there). I could make a cable but the cost of materials (mainly the crimper) would out weigh the cost of the completed cable. Only place I can seem to get a completed cable is the US for $10, plus $30 shipping to Australia which is non negotiable (I've tried). I've bought RAM before that cost $3 to ship, so some price gouging going on here (all in the name of "package tracking").

Big ask... If I transfer the funds via PayPal up front, would anyone be willing to purchase and ship on my behalf? If not...back to plan "B". PM me if you could assist.

Any assistance appreciated.



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    I'd be willing to bet that the Cisco cable is just a straight through dual-line phone cord - I think that the 6-conductor modular plug is an RJ-12.

    Maybe see if you can find one of these locally?

    For only $0.78 each when QTY 50+ purchased - Phone cable, RJ12 (6P6C), Straight - 14ft for Data | RJ12 6P6C Silver Satin

    If I can find a dual-line cord in my pile of crap I'll test out that theory...
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    Hi pitviper,

    I'm fairly sure the 7914 cable is RJ12 (even though the manual says RJ11) 6-wire, straight-through.

    Most RJ11's here in Australia are 2 wire, and RJ12's are 4 wire.

    I checked out that site, unfortunately same shipping cost via USPS.

    Might have to do a thorough search on eBay.


    Found somebody on eBay selling 5 for $5, and will ship normal USPS for $7...bargain.

    Thanks to all for the assistance
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