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I have been a lurker on the forum for a long time. Just recently registered. Ready or not, I am taking the test tomorrow at 9 AM. I really appreciate everyone posting testing experience here on the board.

I know some folks test and do not pass and you do not see a lot of threads in that regard. Would be nice to see feedback from those who did not do so well and what they think could have helped get them over the hump.

Bought one of the short notice vouchers that expire quickly so I am not out a lot of money if I do not pass the test. If I do not pass, I have two weeks of vacation coming that I will use to restudy and give it another shot.

However, I am pretty driven and hate to fail anything at any price.

Again, thanks to all who post here in the forum. I'll let you know good bad or otherwise.


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    Welcome to the forum!
    If you've studied the material you'll be fine. On the day before look over stuff you have to KNOW. Your mediums (fiber, wire) speeds and lengths and your ports. The rest you should know by now if you've studied the material.
    How have you done on practice tests and what did you use to study for the exam?
    The test is not really that hard is why you don't see posts from people who did poorly or failed it. The test is only about 50 questions (some of which may be ungraded questions) and I was nervous like you the day before and scored an 865 where 900 is the max score.
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    Welcome to the forums. Some people do post their failures, but I agree with you. The number is likely higher than the posts would lead you to believe.

    Good luck on the Net+ exam.
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    Well, as promised, I took the test and I passed. I scored a 796. Not a stellar score, but a pass nonetheless.

    I consider the information posted her on the board very valid as to what you should study. The tests are also helpful. If you can't get a 70 percent or better, you should study a little more.

    I used Exam Cram 3, a Mike Myers video course, and I purchased the Network+ study materials from Transcender. I can assure you, if you can do the Transender material, you will not have a problem with this test. Since I passed, I can't get a refund of my Transender purchase--darn it!

    My weak areas:
    Advanced features of a switch, which I thought I knew pretty well
    Scenario type questions on troubleshooting. Some of them made no sense to me at all
    Network security (protocols)
    WAN and LAN technology and types, which I thought I knew pretty well

    I know for a fact I had questions that were the same questions just worded different. One question I saw three times! I knew the answer all three times.

    I would urge you to pay close attention to the question and read any capitalized terms. I.E., What is the BEST way to blaa, blaa, blaa. What is the MOST likely blaa, blaa, blaa. You will see several right answers, but they want the BEST, MOST, HIGHEST, LOWEST, FASTEST, etc.... Conclusion: do not jump at the first right answer you see with a key term in the question.

    You can expect to do poorly on this exam if you no not know your basics of the OSI model, ports, cable lengths and limits, connectors, tools, topologies, wireless networking, and the basics of a network.

    I hope my information helps someone.
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    Congrats on the new cert!
    No longer work in IT. Play around with stuff sometimes still and fix stuff for friends and relatives.
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