Is the CEH credential even worth it?

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I have heard from several persons that the CEH isn't even worth it and the course material doesn't really teach much.

Does this hold any truth?




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    I think you have this post in the wrong area. If it's the Certified Ethical Hacker that you're referring to it should be in the security forum Security Certifications - IT Certification Forums

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    In my opinion, not worth it. But it may be better to ask why you are wanting to obtain it. If your end goal is to obtain the knowledge necessary to secure your network then look elsewhere. The content of all of EC-Council's training is simply overloading you with powerpoint slides of tools that have been around forever and everybody already knows about. You don't actually learn the underlying security concepts so in my opinion its like script kiddy training.

    However, I have noticed that the CEH is starting to show its head in some places that I wouldn't have expected. For instance, the DoD now recognizes CEH to fulfill the 8570.1 requirements. With that being said, it's probably safe to say that it will become more and more recognized and sought after.

    So theres my 2 cents.
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