VMWARE Conversion keeps failing

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Hi Guys,

I am currently converting a windows server 2003 box into an ESX guest VM, all my settings are correct I login to the esxi 4.0.0 node which is using an EMC storage node, I then provide all my credentials it looks like everything is okay the conversion process starts but somehow it just fails on the status bar, without any error code to reference to or any behaviour to observe and this is happening on every esx node that we have.

Any feedback will be appreciated.


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    Have a look at the Converter log files, usually in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Converter Enterprise\Logs
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    Thanks for your response Astorrs.

    Below are the only noteable error I have seen so far, I'll check my disk configuration to find out what's going on, in the meanwhile I converted the VM as a VM Workstation 6.5, and from there I will convert it as an ESXi Guest VM, since I have to meet a deadline.

    Section for VMware vCenter Converter Standalone, pid=2684, version=4.0.1, build=build-161434, option=Release
    [2010-07-16 09:28:14.178 02688 warning 'App'] Failed to create console writer

    [2010-07-16 18:03:45.587 03220 verbose 'Ufa.HTTPService'] HTTP Response: Client: NeedsContentLength: false UnderstandsChunking: true CanKeepAlive: true (PresetContentLength -1)
    [2010-07-16 18:03:45.588 03220 verbose 'Ufa.HTTPService'] HTTP Response: Complete (processed 528 bytes)
    [2010-07-16 18:07:05.844 01988 verbose 'Ufa.HTTPService'] Stopped HTTP service
    [2010-07-16 18:07:05.844 01988 verbose 'Ufa.HTTPService'] Stopped HTTP service
    [2010-07-16 18:07:05.844 01988 info 'Ufa'] Plugin stopped
    [2010-07-16 18:07:05.844 01988 info 'App'] [plugin,186] ConverterAgentPlugin WaitStop
    [2010-07-16 18:07:05.844 01988 verbose 'App'] VimConnectionStore stopping keepalive
    [2010-07-16 18:07:05.844 01988 info 'App'] Scheduled timer canceled, StopKeepAlive succeeds
    [2010-07-16 18:07:08.449 01988 warning 'App'] Error on Logout (ignored): No such host is known.
    [2010-07-16 18:07:08.464 01988 warning 'App'] Error on Logout (ignored): No such host is known.
    [2010-07-16 18:07:08.542 02760 info 'App'] [serviceWin32,277] vmware-converter-agent service stopped
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    You'll want to look at the Converter agent log (not the server log). It will be in the location mentioned above but on the Windows 2003 machine that you are attempting to convert.
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    I tried converting the same box to generate a new log, below are the error I am getting, this server runs ISA 2004 I'm wondering if this firewall is blocking something, but I am able to convert it as a workstation 6.5 just fine with no issues.

    [#2] [2010-07-18 17:11:59.364 03924 error 'wizardController'] Cannot query source HW info: converter.fault.ImportSourceSuspendedFault

    [#4] [2010-07-18 17:12:24.621 04004 error 'wizardController'] Cannot query source HW info: converter.fault.ImportSourceSuspendedFault
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    I've included all the error coming from the agent log, some of this are jibbirish to me unfortunately icon_sad.gif

    [#4] [2010-07-18 17:52:59.219 02796 info 'App'] [clientConnection,740] Error on logout (ignored): vmodl.fault.SecurityError

    [2010-07-18 18:25:53.606 02764 error 'App'] Failed to send response to the client: The pipe is being closed.

    [2010-07-18 18:26:48.522 03596 error 'App'] [task,345] [LRO] Unexpected Exception: converter.agent.internal.fault.PlatformError

    [2010-07-18 18:26:48.600 03596 info 'App'] [task,374] [task-2] -- ERROR -- Convert: converter.agent.internal.fault.PlatformError

    [#1] [2010-07-18 18:41:24.335 04004 info 'App'] [clientConnection,740] Error on logout (ignored): vmodl.fault.SecurityError

    [#8] [2010-07-18 18:47:55.600 03140 verbose 'App'] [agentDeployment,552] Getting extra error code information from Installer's output file ...

    [2010-07-18 18:50:34.287 05864 info 'App'] [taskSpec,357] [Task] Caught an exception while waiting on the agent task to complete. Gathering agent logs before propogating the exception further. Exception message: converter.agent.internal.fault.PlatformError
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    I believe I figured out what's wrong with this box, the ISA firewall is blocking some services, I tested telnet and verified, thanks for the input.
  • BroadcastStormBroadcastStorm Member Posts: 496
    ISA was blocking the ports service, even if the client/agent is installed, on ISA itself disabling it is not enough, you have to create a rule to open-up the ports.

    Thanks for the help :)
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    Vmware Cold migration with a boot disk would also be an option in this case.
  • Hyper-MeHyper-Me Banned Posts: 2,059
    Install VMM and don't look back ;)
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