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Hi guys,

I'm just running through some CBT nuggets stuff, and in DNS part 3 there is a part where you create a Active Directory Partition.

So I went to the cmd prompt and did the dnscmd /createdirectorypartition app1

to which I recieved:

DNS Server. created directory partition: app1
Command completed successfully

Then I ran the dnscmd /enlistdirectorypartition app1

and got:

Enlist directory partition failed: app1
status = 9904 (9x000026B0)

Command Failed: DNS_ERROR_DP_ALREADY_ENLISTED 9904 (000026b0)

So I'm like, hmmn that's strange, I havne't enlisted it before, it must have happened automatically. So I go and check if I can see i can see it in the DNS tree.

Example 1

Hmmn not there?! I tried refreshing, starting DNS Server service again...still not showing.

If I go to the samland.com zone replication options it is listed there.

Example 2

Why can i see it there but not in the list of Zones?

Thank you!

P.S. This site is the best! Hope to contribute more from now on...
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