Wireless PCMCIA cards for Slackware 10.0?

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Does anyone know of any that are supported by Slackware? Setting up a Wireless NIC in Linux is a pain unless it's widely supported. Of course my built in, crappy Intel card isn't supported.

I don't mind doing a little work, but would rather not pioneer getting a card to work with Slack...


  • eastpeastp Member Posts: 179
    I don't know for sure, since I use mostly bsd versions or debian.
    And I didn't yet try to make my wireless connection to work (run most of this OS’s) on servers with a non-wireless connection.

    If you want you can have a look here
    This is the place for all your Linux, *nix related questions with a large active user community

    There are forums for wireless networking (is a sub-forum of networking) and several Distribution specific forums (with slackware) as well, hope this helps.

    Kind regards
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