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Hey guys, new to the board, lots of great info here, I am a newbie, I am going to take my Network + Beta 2005 test this weekend, I know this response is going to differ, but if you could help me out, what is the one thing you would strongly recommend drilling in your head for this exam, I know the OSI model very well, so besides that, what gave you guys the most trouble or area that needed the most work on, after you took the exam, this is going to be my first cert. Like I said I am knew to this, so please excuse me if this is a dumb question, just a little nervous about the exam and would love to get this one under my belt. Any info on this exam would greatly help.
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    Ok, when I took the N+ Cert. a little over a year ago I got hit with a lot of Token Ring, DNS, OSI, and scenerio questions...some port number questions too...but not too many. I would say to go over your Token Ring and DNS.

    The exam has ofcourse been updated and everyone also gets a different test, but it wouldn't hurt to go over what I have mentioned. icon_wink.gif



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    Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    I agree with V75 as far as content. I got questions about OSI, only a couple on Token Ring, and the rest were scenarios. A couple of them were long and gave irrelevent information. Those were a bit tricky, but I'm sure I got those right, as I spent more time on them.
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    Go to Comptia's website and get the list of changed objectives. This will tell you what is new and what has been dropped. This is particularly helpful with the ports; you won't waste time studying ports that aren't going to be on the test.

    Know the different type of fiber technologies; you can find out more by checking out the Cisco link mentioned in another one of these network+ threads. Along with knowing the maximum lengths of the different fiber technologies, study the different connections they use also.

    Know the IP class ranges and how the private ranges are used.

    I had 2 Mac OS questions; good luck with those! icon_eek.gif

    There was a lot of OSI questions, so it will be a big help since you are already comfortable with that.

    Be familiar with the network utilities (such as nbtstat and netstat) and the various protocols. Again, the comptia site will show you which ones you need to know.

    Good luck!
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    i took the test on 12/29/04, i thought the test was not that easy and yet not to hard....... so if you prepared well and have a min. experience on the field you should be ok ....

    here is some info: i got on my test

    4-5 question on OSI (mostly easy question)
    3-4 on Mac OS ( not so easy : i'm not familliar with Mac)
    7-10 on Fiber Optics - connectors.,lenght, ect.....
    3-4 on wireless
    20 + question on little scenerios
    and Other

    Good Luck
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