Just got the new Route and Switch books

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I'm very impressed with what I have seen so far. I was studying for TSHOOT, but I plan on sitting with these for about 6 weeks then take the TSHOOT exam. Cisco looks like they aren't playing with what they exepect for a Professional Level Engineer. I would even advise people who passed the other 2 exams to take a look. It fits very well in line with going for CCIE.
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    Enjoy the books. I have the full collection myself but only read SWITCH, and it's fantastic.

    I hear ROUTE is also well written so I can't wait to get into that....

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    I have just got the Route foundation book for £33 recived it on Tuseday and must say it is a good read icon_thumright.gif
    have just pushed through a hundred or so pages so in the middle of EIGRP and am expecting to close that off tonight.

    So far must say this is Much better and alot less dry than many book in this area.

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    BADfish10 wrote: »

    So far must say this is Much better and alot less dry than many book in this area.


    I have only been reading the switch book, but I would say the same for it. While it is still cisco talking cisco, it is alot less "This is important, and this, and this, and this..." and a bit more of "This is important, and this is something that could happen, and this is something that could happen..." so it makes it a bit more of a realistic read IMO.

    Granted, fundamentals are still fundamentals... it is hard to make them not dry.
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    Well just got through the EIGRP chapter (2) and TBH it is a realy good read.
    I am loving the end of chapter summery and the 40 questions they give you.

    Very impressed icon_thumright.gif
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    i'm around halfway through the ROUTE foundation book. i've said it before but i have no problem saying it again, i am so happy this finally came out and i could get away from the official cert guide. it really is amazing the difference between the two in terms of knowledge contained and the writing styles.
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