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Fortunately I haven't had the need for a password reset disc and I know you can easily create one from Control panel. My question is what is the process to use the disc should you need it? Is this feature for XP alone?

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    I found this :

    XP Password Reset Discs A Must Have.

    Password Reset Disks
    If you have a password on your Windows XP computer, and you don't have a Password Reset Disk, stop whatever you're doing and make one. Right now.

    A Windows XP Password Reset Disk is a remarkable little creature - usually a diskette - that magically allows you to log on to your PC, even if you've forgotten your password. Even if you've changed your password 2,147 times and you forgot it. The diskette doesn't actually store your password.

    It's kind of a "Get Out of Jail Free" card (or at least a "Get Into My PC Free" card) that lets you log on to your PC, no matter what password may be in effect.

    In earlier versions of Windows you didn't need a Password Reset Disk. All you needed was a DOS boot disk made on almost any computer and you could start the computer and access the hard drive. But in Windows XP (like Windows 2000 and NT) you can't use this backdoor.

    There are some caveats (aren't there always?). If your PC is connected to a Big Corporate Network (in Microsoft parlance a "domain") your Password Reset Disk won't get you onto the network. It'll only get you onto the PC itself - you have to ask your Network Admin to allow you onto the network. And - the real kicker - this diskette will let anybody onto your PC, using your i.d., any time. If you allow Windows XP to store, say, passwords for your favorite Web sites, they're all available for the picking to anybody who has the diskette. So you don't want to leave it lying around, alright?

    Making a Password Reset Disk
    If your computer isn't connected to a network, or it's connected to a peer-to-peer network (in MS-speak a "workgroup"), here's how you start the Forgotten Password Wizard:

    Make sure you have a diskette handy. (Microsoft says you have to use a blank formatted diskette, but that's ludicrous. All you need is 2 KB 0f spare room on any old diskette.)
    Log on normally.
    Click start | Control Panel | User Accounts. Click on your account, then click Prevent A Forgotten Password.
    The Forgotten Password Wizard kicks in. Follow the instructions and you'll end up with a Password Reset Disk.
    If your computer is connected to a Big Corporate Network (a "domain"):
    Make sure you have a diskette handy.
    Log on normally to your local computer.
    Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del.
    Click Change Password.
    Click Backup.
    The Forgotten Password Wizard starts and steps you through creating a Password Reset Disk.

    Using a Password Reset Disk
    If you ever forget your password, don't panic. At least, as long as you can find the diskette you stuck into the Forgotten Password Wizard, you have no reason to panic.

    If your PC uses the Welcome Screen (which is the common state of affairs for standalone PCs, and those that are connected to a peer-to-peer network):

    Click your name, and type in a (presumably incorrect) password.
    You get a message that says:
    Did you forget your password?
    You can click the "?" button to see your password hint.
    Or you can use your password reset disk.

    Click on Use Your Password Reset Disk.
    The Forgotten Password Wizard comes to life and steps you through the process of changing your password. You then use the new password to log on normally.

    If your PC doesn't use the Welcome Screen (which is how things normally work on a Big Corporate client-server "domain", and how a few really paranoid people set up their peer-to-peer "workgroups"):

    Type your user name and (presumably incorrect) password
    You get a "Logon Failed" dialog box. Click Reset.
    The Forgotten Password Wizard comes to the rescue
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    Thanks ! I am curious as I have never had to use it! Famous last words! :D
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