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I currently work in an IT role, but job security is not great (actually - its rubbish!) so I'm actively looking for something else.

I'm applying for loads of jobs and not even getting as far as the interview stage. I was wondering if I posted up my CV - can you guys rip it apart and tell me where I can improve it please?

Any comments or suggestions would be great.

Cheers in advance

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  • phantasmphantasm Member Posts: 995
    I looked at it briefly but here are my suggestions:

    1. Remove everything under "Other Information". Not needed or necessary.
    2. Remove the certification logo's. They clutter the resume.
    3. The top half of the resume needs work, try splitting your address and contact info into 2 columns.
    4. Maintain the same format throughout with consitent tabs and spacing. I notice that you are wasting a lot of space with excessive carriage returns. Too much white space is not a good thing.
    5. Your Microsoft tests that you've passed, do they give you MCP or MCTS status? If so list it.
    6. Remove the certifications you do not have. It looks like you're padding your resume. Bad idea.

    edit to add.

    7. Use the same tense throughout the resume. For example:
    "The evaluation, planning and implementation of IT related projects." change to "Evaluated, planned and implemented IT related products."
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    1) First off I'd remove the logos, they're distracting.
    2)Remove the certs you're "planning" to get as these may be misinterpreted by a quick scan. Certs you're working on are better covered in the interview process.
    3)You listed your certs in 2 sections, list them once in the cert section.
    4)Do away with the section where you list that you have a drivers license and references upon request.
    5)You may want to look at your formatting, the Centered headings throws it off a bit but that's just my opinion. You want the appearance to be appealing and the resume to flow smoothly.
    6)The specialist skills and experience should probably just be Skills as you already have an experience (Employment) section.

    Your skills and experience look really strong and should benefit you in a job search. Quick questions, why at the same place for so long? Have you been in same position or moved up in the ranks?
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  • it_consultantit_consultant Member Posts: 1,903
    Logos belong in the footer, small and equal size, equal space between them.

    Take out "I", resumes are in the third person. You can get personal in the cover letter. In fact, if you have cover letter, you should attach it. If you don't, write one.

    Hiring managers see thousands of resumes like yours, a little time spent on your cover letter will encourage them to focus in on your application.
  • thenoble06thenoble06 Member Posts: 33 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Ahhh fantastic stuff! I really appreciate the time you all spent to have a look. Cheers everyone.

    And Earweed - I have spent 9 years at this company because a) I really like the people here b) When I started here I had no real networking skills and no certifications and hardly any real IT experience and c) to be really honest I never really thought about leaving. It is only in the past 2 years I have started to get serious about the skills I'm learning and I really feel the need to grow and develop now, which I can't do here.

    That is what is holding me back getting interviews. I've spent 9 years in one job supporting one company and it's infrastructure. A lot of the people I am competing with for jobs have worked for service provider companies so have experience of lots of different networks and systems (for example my total lack of Virtualization skills). I'm starting to think my 9 years at one place is going to go against me...

    Out of interest - does spending 9 years at one company show me in a good light (ie loyal) or bad (ie can't be arsed to move)??

    Passed some exams. Failed others!
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