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Hi all! I know this seems to be the only topic of discussion here but need some advice on next security cert. I am a "PC Specialis" at a power company but I do everything a network admin does, boss wont hand over admin name. So I have intermediate security experience: firewalls, permissions, auditing, and so forth. I have worked as a "PC Specialist" for 2 years now. I also have my MCSA 2k, N+, A+ and an Associates in Computer Information Systems, Network track.

I have found that with everything I do at work, security is fun for me. So I am going down that road. I was thinking of just tacking on the "security" name to my mcsa but didnt know if security+ would help any. My plan is to eventually go for SSCP.

I would appreciate any input. Thanks.


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    Although I don't like the Security+ exam because of the low-quality exam, it has the right topics to start a security carreer, and is a great intro for SSCP. I seriously believe those who wrote the sec+ exam based it on SSCP/CISSP material, hence there is huge amount of overlap. If you have the required experience (see SSCP thread in this forum) you could go directly for SSCP and forget about Security+, although Sec+ is handy for the MCSA:Security specialization...

    Good luck with your decision!
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    Yeah I thought about going start to SSCP but I thought the basics, security+, and the MS security exams would help me not only with the SSCP but with my work and future work.

    I agree with on the security+. All of comptia's exams are standardized as beginner level exams and should rightly be.

    Thanks for you input and I am leaning towards the security+, MS security, and then SSCP.
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    Hey, don't forget the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification. I think you're qualified (or can make yourself look qualified) to take it without going to a boot camp.
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