CBT Nuggets or TestOut LabSim? Or Both?

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Hi everyone,

First of all, I have no prior networking nor server experience. I am about to study for the Network+ exam and plan to buy training videos -- either CBT Nuggets or TestOut LabSim. Could those of you, who have studied for the Network+ 2009 exam using either one or both of them, comment how good or bad (boring, slow, etc.) each training is?

Thanks in advance. :)


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    I used Labsim/Testout. The book I had was crap so I attribute my good score (865) to Labsim. Plus if you're a student they give you a discount where CBT doesn't.
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    Testout is definatly worth it if you are a college student. I actually just finished sending them my proof of enrollment so I could order their MCITP products. I don't think I would ever spend the full price on their stuff but they always have deals and discounts.

    You can try a demo of the Network+ one free for 7 days to see if you like it. Chances are they will send you a promo code during the demo to get various bundles for the price of just 1 program. Or just PM me and I can forward the email to you for the promo. It's a pretty good deal if you are not a student and you are planning on taking more than just the Network+ exam.

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