Traffic shaping policy on T1 line

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Hey everyone, I'm doing some traffic shaping & QoS on a T1 line soon and here's what I've designed so far after brushing up on CIsco white papers. I also ran auto discovery qos to determine most of my protocols running on this T1. (serial interface with HDLC)

Please review it and let me know if it looks practical or any suggestions you have. There's is no voice or video traffic. Just general traffic and we are going to shape some traffic from a particular PC because it's overrunning the line with backups 24/7 and using 95% of the link all day

From what I understand, the traffic peak will mean the pc will send up to 512k, but at least have 384 reserved.
Let me know what you think....

access-list 122 permit (PC sending backup traffic)

class-map match-any BULK
match protocol http
match protocol secure-http
match protocol exchange
match protocol smtp
match protocol tftp

class-map match-any MGMT
match protocol snmp
match protocol ldap
match protocol kerberos
match protocol dns
match protocol secure-imap
match protocol syslog
match protocol dhcp
match protocol ntp

class-map BACKUPS
match access-group 122

policy-map SHAPING
class BULK
bandwidth percent 5
random-detect dscp-based
set dscp af11
shape peak 512000
bandwidth 384
class MGMT
bandwidth percent 5
set dscp cs2
class class-default

interface s0/0/0
max-reserved-bandwidth 90
service-policy output SHAPING
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  • burbankmarcburbankmarc Member Posts: 460
    All BULK and MGMT is only set to go 76kbps each...are you sure that's what you want?

    Also your BACKUP will consume 1024 kbps, again, are you sure that's what you want?


    nevermind, I miss read that. I rescind my comment about your BULK and MGMT classes.
  • marlon23marlon23 Member Posts: 164 ■■□□□□□□□□
    If you want just to limit that Backup PC, then create queue for that PC only and let everything else fall into class-default. WRED could be fine feature in class-default, "max-reserved-bandwidth 90" is too conservative.
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