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Does anyone know about Avaya certs. I'm in the process of getting promoted but with that as well, I'm going to be a backup for out telcom analyst and my manager said I will need to take a class on basic Avaya administration. I'm one of those people that don't like to go to a class without any prior knowledge whatsoever. If you guys know anything about Avaya certs that would be very helpful.


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    Did you try to find their own website with cert info? Any link? Never heard of this one before. Regardless, telcom knowledge is a good addition for network admins/engineers.
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    Try this site


    Also I think cram session has some stuff on Avaya certifications as well, you could check them out. I learnt intertel switches for my current position, and found the courses quite tough to get through, not sure how that will stack up to Avaya though
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    Avaya is a spinoff company from Lucent Technologies. Most companies use Avaya phone switches nowadays. I did check their website but it has all this registration stuff. Oh well, I'll try to do more research but if any of you guys out there have more info please post it. Thanks.
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    What would you like to know about these certs. I currently have an ACA in Messaging Implementation, ACA in Messaging Design, and ACS in Implementation of IP Telephony......I am working towards my ACE..(a pain in the rear)

    Another good telecom cert, I would look at the CTP. That cert is also recognized by Avaya and can take the place of the ACA core exam.

    As far as study material...anything that you can find over CTP / basic networking/ basic routing / basic telecom...will help you prepare for the ACA core exam. The elective exam for the ACA, has to be done through Avaya-Learning. If you do not have experience on their equipment or classes through Avaya U, I would start reading white papers of the areas that you would like to get your elective in. The mid-level ACS cert, both the core and elective exams are taken at a Vue center. Both exams were much harder than the ACA exams and you must be ACA certified to take them. Avaya basically has 3 tracks for each area. They are the design, implementation, and maintenance tracks....You have to pick wich one fits you the most. To earn the ACE, you must have completed 3 ACS tracks in either design or implementation. I hear they should be adding the maintenance tracks to that this year.

    Let me know what other questions you have...

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