Preparing For 70-291 In A Few Weeks Time

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Dear Friends,

I have passed exam 70-290 (first exam) last year in the second attempt at it. Since then I have been preparing for 70-291. For 70-291, my study materials are:
1. Textbooks: (a). 70-291 Exam Cram by Dianna Huggins, (b). 70-291 Exam Prep by Will Schmied, ©. MCSE Core Required Exams in a Nutshell, Third Edition by William R. Stanek, (d). Sybex book, 70-291 study guide by James Chellis, Paul Robichaux and Matthew Sheltz (partly read)

2. Many ******** questions on 70-291 and other online quiz and sample exams.

I could not get hold of the self-paced training guide from Microsoft so am not sure my preparation is sufficient to pass the exam. Can anybody out there help me with some hint or opinion or advice?

Paul Pinjik
(MCP - 70-290)


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    You might want to check those questions out on TE seems to think they are **** questions.
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    From my experience Exam Cram is garbage. I found a bunch of mistakes in the books when studying for the Network+. Nothing is more frustrating then the Questions being wrong or completely contradicting what the actual text says. All I can say is I used Mike Myers for Network+ and A+ and the books were short sweet and to the point. I wish he wrote Microsoft study material. When I took the 70-270 MCP I just used Skillport and then did a whole bunch of Labs and used Transcender for the practice tests. I also recommend staying away from Sybex books for the same reason as mentioned for Exam Cram.
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    Welcome to TE!
    The nutshell book is probably the best one that you have available to you as I've read that it's very good. I'd recommend you get the Transcender practice test to check out your knowledge level and where you need to still do some more studying.
    Also as Devilsbane said check all of your online sources at to ensure you're not using a braindump.
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    Thanks for all your Responses. Earweed I read the "MCSE In a Nutshell" book but content is limited or brief and am quite doubtful that I might go the exam not full prepared.
    I have several general books on Windows Server 2003 such as
    1. DNS on Windows 2003,
    2. Windows Server 2003 - the complete Reference
    3. Windows Server 2003 - Best Practice for Enterprise Deployment
    4. Mastering Windows Server 2003,
    5. Windows Server 2003 Administrator's Companion,
    6. Windows Server 2003 Unleased
    7. Windows Server 2003 in a Nutshell,
    8. Windows Server 2003 Delta Guide 2003,
    9. Deploying VPN with Windows Server 2003,
    10. Learning Windows Server 2003,
    11. Sams Teach yourself Windows Server 2003 in 24 hours,
    12. Best Damn Windows Server 2003 Book period,

    I would like to study chapters related to the exam topics from these books. I need some suggestions of which book/books is/are best to use. On this forum I also saw that somebody recommended studying the DNS on Windows 2003 book for the exam and previously somebody also made mention of the Windows Server 2003 Administrator's Companion, book.

    Thank you,
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