Had an interview yesterday.

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I thought it went well. I have hopes for this position because it was right in my alley. It was for Computer Support Tech. Job description is that I will be supporting the desktops and software across the company along with 3 other techs. Around 4000 computers, and its support only. I don't get to tinker with the servers or network stuff at all because there is a dept. for that. So as far as that goes, I am a little concerned because there will be no hands on with the server administration stuff, which is what I would like to do iin the future.
Basically, right now I am doing the same stuff but on a smaller scale - 100 computers.
The question is about the pay, is 16/hr reasonable? That is the max end of the range for that position and it was listed before I applied for the position. Also I will have to move around 75 miles away from where I am right now. The position is in OKC so anybody in TE from that area, please shed some light on the rate. Others can chime in too :)

Thank you.


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    the question is 16 dollars a hour reasonable for you? I try not to get caught up in what someone else is making or what someone thinks i should be making...if you comfortable with the dollar amount then thats all that matters....that said 15-20 is about what someone in that position would be making in the charlotte area
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