Know of any nice wireless bridges?

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I'm looking for a decent wireless bridge, here's my situation.

I have DSL, but it's across the house. I have a Belkin router that I'm using as my AP. The distance across the house isn't that great, but the walls really interfere with my signal. I get occasional loss and sometimes my connection will drop all together. I am considering a better antenna for my D-Link card, but I really want to be able to access my network/Internet from my Linux box. Without going through the pains of getting a wireless NIC to work, I'm stuck unless I can get a bridge which will pick up a signal fairly well. Then again, I guess the only way to do that would be buy a bridge and another antenna for it.


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    Well, I've got the downstairs bridged with the upstairs via a wireless link of a couple Linksys AP's. It was easy to setup, but the problem is they won't associate with anything but another linksys ap or a linksys wireless router.

    I'd check to see what your bridging options are for your Belkin router. It may just be as simple as picking up another AP and matching the settings, at which point you could just plug a switch or hub into the ap and then connect whatever you wanted. Either way if you want a bridge, you're going to have to pickup another AP of some sort, just a matter of what's compatible with your hardware
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    I know that with the belkin routers if you upgrade the firmware you can connect 2 routers toghter. Its called wirless repeater mode, but they have to both be belkin
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    With the Belkin AP I have, it is possible to set it to act as a bridge. It was a bit pricey though...don't know if I want to spend that much to get a laptop working.

    If I have an AP across the house (The one I'm using now.) will another Belkin AP on the opposite side (where I get some signal loss using a NIC) receive the signal any better?
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    I just stumbled across these, what do you guys think?
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