How do i setup my topology

jeff113jeff113 Posts: 44Member ■■□□□□□□□□
I have two laps to use. 3 2620xm routers and 3 2950 switches. I have t1, crossover and straight through cables. I just needed to know what should be plugged where.
only 2 of the routers have t1 cards


  • JollycorkJollycork Posts: 149Member
    T1 or 1T cards ? there is a difference ..

    suggest you read your CCNA books which provides configuration examples.
  • jeff113jeff113 Posts: 44Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    they're t1 dsu csu... I've read todds ccna book and ciscopress also.. but it doesn't explain how every thing should be plugged in together... so i come here for help.... setup up the configuration for ip address and so on i know how that's done. just the physcial stuff for now i need help on
  • JSKJSK Posts: 166Member
    I would just configure them as you go through your studies. For example, a simple WAN lab could consist of just 2 routers connected back to back via a T1 crossover. Or if you're studying VTP or STP then you can take your 3 switches and configure them in a triangle topology. I don't know that there is just 1 ideal topology for all of the studies.
  • KaminskyKaminsky Posts: 1,235Member
    There is no single topology with a home lab. You chop and change it about depending on what you are working on at the time.

    If you are trying to get your T1 link to work, you'll only need a pair of routers and the interface cards. Once you get it working, you might be wanting to route something down it so you could start playing with topologies on either side of the link. Then once you have that sorted out and know how to do that .... do you really need to play with the T1 again ? Time to re-patch it all to some other topology and work on something else.
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