using SMTP relay server without SSL.

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I am currently doing this task for work, I am using my ISP's SMTP mail server as my relay server to send out notifications in sharepoint. The ISP SMTP mail server does not support SSL so is this a safe option for me to use? will all of the emails etc be unencrypted ?


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    will all of the emails etc be unencrypted ?
    Yes. If the contents of the emails are that sensitive then you shouldn't send it via unencrypted SMTP via servers that you don't have full control over.

    Even if Sharepoint <---> YourISP is encrypted, there isn't anything to say that YourISP <---> OtherISP is encrypted. Same again for whether OtherISP <---> OtherUser is encrypted. The contents of the email will be unencrypted inside the SMTP server as well.
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