Switch or Route first?

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Hey all,
I'm looking into starting to study for a CCNP level exam as my CCNA is going to expire in June of '11. I'm not sure which test would be better to hit first, switch or route and what type of equipment would be good to have for each. My home lab is a few years old and is mainly 2501s and a couple 3600s. I've been playing around with GNS3 and that's been very beneficial. Anyway, I was just looking for some input into those areas and maybe also what books to get for each. For my CCNA I had the official guides for both exams and they worked very well for me. Thanks!


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    Well if you already have the routers, might as well hit that first. I am not 100% sure on this part, but the new ROUTE exam covers IPv6 pretty heavy so I would assume you would need routers that are IPv6 capable.

    I am doing SWITCH first since I find it easier, I had to build my complete lab anyway since I didn't have any hardware prior, and I wanted to knock out the easier exam first ;)
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    You can probably flip a coin as to which to go for first. Personally, I did the switching test first (the BCMSN for me). Keep in mind that you can also renew your CCNA with any of the CCNA Voice/Security/Wireless tests.

    Good luck with it!
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    ColbyG wrote: »
    ROUTE is more fun.

    Agreed. But SWITCH is easier.
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    I would suggest you to work on the topic that relates to your current job. It's easier to understand and apply the knowledge in my opinion.

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    I agree, most Network Engineers work with stuff covered in ROUTE(just an opinion) so probably you will find ROUTE more useful than SWITCH. But it all depends on your background, as you have already said that you did your CCNA 2 years ago it means you have some kind of experience hence flipping a coin will do.

    As for the lab, if you can upgrade the IOS images, you may still be fine add you supplement that with GNS which is pretty cool for ROUTE(but extremely poor for SWITCH).

    All the same good luck on your new journey...
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    I found BSCI prepared me more for the BCMSN than it would have done the other way round. There is a crossover of information in there at least. Plus I find the BSCI more interesting, so despite it being harder, it was more fun to study, as Colby said.
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    Thanks for the replies folks. I think with this input and from looking through some older posts I'll attempt the Route first. Being that I don't really have money to buy any better switches at the moment and that I can use GNS3 for the studies makes sense.
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    chmorin wrote: »
    Agreed. But SWITCH is easier.

    Yay, that is good news for me since I already passed the ROUTE.

    As for the original poster, I think you should do the ROUTE first then the SWITCH, thats what I am doing and the ROUTE was reasonable.

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