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I'm looking at filling up some white space on my resume with some logos. Should I use the CCEA logo or CCA logo? My CCEA is in XP and will retire(?) at the end of the year. My CCA is in Presentation Server 4.0. Looking completing the CCA for AG 4.5 soon and XenApp 5 or 6 by the end of the year.

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  • stupidboystupidboy Senior Stupidboy Member Posts: 470
    I was advised to strip off all the logos, keeps the size down a little but is no way near as nice.

    I've added links to my LinkedIn profile, Citrix Transcript and Microsoft Business Card site.

    Personal preference, but I would say if you want to keep the logos keep your CCEA on there, you earned it icon_thumright.gif
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    I usually don't have any, but have to much info for a one page, but not enough for two full pages, so thinking about adding a MS, Citrix, and CompTIA logo at the bottom of page two.

    2020 Goals: 0 of 2 courses complete, 0 of 2 exams complete
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    We call Resumé's "CV's" here.....

    I have put my two MS logos (quite small) in the footer and it looks professional. I just need a Citrix CCA6 logo to go alongside them!
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    If it's used to fill in white space on a second page and you make it look professional go for it. I wouldn't put logos for every cert you have but just the ones that make you look more attractive to the job.
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