Should I Attend Vsphere Training without any experience

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Hi Guys,
Would It benefit me to sit for Vmware training now before actually getting a job that demands it?
I'm going to be working my way up the IT job world, hopefully on the Network Security side.
The training costs 700$ in my Country. I've been reading Scott Lowe's Mastering Vmware Vsphere 4 book and and messing with a Vsphere 4 evaluation on Workstation 7.
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    You don't need any VMware experience for the Install, Manage, and Configure class, just basic network/server knowledge. They start from the ground up in the class. Be warned though, the class really doesn't go into the level of detail needed to pass the exam. You will need self study and hands on lab in addition to the class to pass the exam.
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    Couldn't hurt to practice a bit. I suggest getting some vSphere training videos from ebay and Vmware workstation 7 trial and working through the example on your local machine. I tend to think of boot camps more like finishing schools than places of learning. Most of them just focus on the exams you leave with very little knowledge.
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    For $700 I would be there in a instant. The course here is $3,000, trying to get the boss to pay wont be happening for a long time.
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    I'm going to guess you are from India?
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    I'm going to guess you are from India?
    Yes he is (see here).
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    Go for it class was geared to a beginner, but also had some good knowledge for the experienced. Since VMware allows you free downloads I would try and get some experience before the class.
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    It depends on your other IT experience/training. The class assumes you have some background with servers.
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