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I have an intermediate level Microsoft System Administrator job interview + technical test.

Could someone post some technical questions etc that you guys think might be asked.



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    If it's a Microsoft job then I would suspect questions related to AD DS and other aspects of Microsoft Server Adminstration. Other than that, it would all depend on what the company has for a system configuration. Best of luck.
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    It'll really depend on which specific technologies the company uses versus what they expect you to know for your job role. As phantasm said, expect AD and windows based networking services related technical questions. But the other big thing it appears most Windows systems admin/engineer jobs these days require some knowledge of virtualization (VMWare). I've been past up on several relevant jobs simply because I didn't have a background in virtualization. This may or may not apply to this specific job you're interviewing for but a lot of companies are getting bigger into virtualization and you'll benefit greatly by learning it and perhaps getting certified in that area. Good luck with the interview :)
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    What are the job requirements?
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    For an intermediate level I would expect that any question from the 290 or 291 exams are fair game. I wouldn't be surprised if the 'technical test' included questions straight from a Transcender or MeasureUp practice test.

    I don't use a defined set of questions in my technical interviews. I will review your resume and ask you questions about technologies or projects you list on there. I am more interested in how you explain something you accomplished or claim to have accomplished than I am if you can answer a multiple choice question. Some of the best technical interviews I have conducted were the ones where I had to ask the fewest questions.

    In addition to the pure technical aspect of the interview, they will also be judging your communication skills and if your personality will fit in with the team.
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    Do you have any MS certificate ? i'm sure like they said you will get questions similar to the tests themselves about DNS,DHCP,GP,AD..etc

    Do you have a job description ?
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  • ipconfig.allipconfig.all Senior Member Banned Posts: 428
    The reason why they want me to come for an interview is because my skill set and experience matches their job advertisement/description. I have experience in most of the stuff they have listed. Such as the windows server 2008 suite, ISA 2006, Hyper v etc the only stuff that I do not have experience in is the office communication server and scripting lanuage, I might just study those in the mean time and practice and practice.

    Claymore they will be quizzing me with the technologies that will be used in the job and the stuff that I have listed in my resume. Also I think they will get me to do some hands on tasks.

    I am ready !!!!
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