FFox....and Govt...never mix :P

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Alright I am military, as some of you know, meaning we'll NEVER go to FFox....have you heard of any security issues? How are patches issued? Any compatibility issues?


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    Every browser has holes, FFox just doesn't have as many so publicized as IE.
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    Firefox has had issues in the past, but they have gotten resolved quickly.
    Can I ask, why is the military against Firefox?
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    /usr wrote:
    Can I ask, why is the military against Firefox?

    It's not made by M$. Contracts make the US bowing.gif to Bill Gates.
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    Any compatibility issues?
    Yes, although there are compatibility issues between all browsers, FFox doesn't handle CSS as it should and gets confused with rather simple html tables width and height (i.e. check the TechExams.net homepage, the menu, the practice exams review page). I'm suprised our test engine works faster with FFOX though (I'm actually suprised it even works).

    Please all stay with IE, so I don't have to create two sites like in the days with Netscape, which a lot of people claimed was much better, faster, and secure than IE (like Opera and several other mozilla-clones that didn't make it).

    If there will be any significant new technology developed by another company than MS that is a very valid reason to stop using IE, MS will buy the company and the technology or create its own new and improved version of basically the same technology and you'll end up using IE anyway. (VMware->Virtual PC)

    Almost 90% of our visitors use IE, and although I haven't seen any global stats about browser wars lately, the 10% that uses mozilla are usually not the average computer users. If you were an ill-minded hacker with the ambition to cause as much havoc as possible, which browser would you try to exploit? If you were a ethical hacker and want to contribute to a more secure internet, which browser would you try to exploit?

    I'd rather see the competitors focus on the security aspects rather than creating another browser (which probably uses a lot of MS API's...) and using the security issues with MS products as their main marketing strategy so the consumer will use their product instead of Redmond giant's. At least we know what we got when we're using IE, plenty of people eager to find the holes. :) New browsers that haven't been attacked as much yet could easily lead to a false sense of security. FFOX is only at version 1.0. I like to try out new software as well, and at a first glance FFOX seems OK, but I certainly would not recommend it for a corporate environment (yet).

    My bet is that there will be yet another browser in no time and people will claim it is better than IE, Vanta, Maxthon, and FFOX all together.

    Let me know when the military switches to FFOX though ;)
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    Please all stay with IE, so I don't have to create two sites

    I use Firefox when I visit this site and it's always worked flawlessly. I haven't tweaked FF either, it's the default installation.
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    Yes it works fine, but it messes up the design. Compare our nav menu in IE and in FFOX, or take a practice exam with and see how the colums on both the left and right side of the page break. Or how FFOX messes with the columns in the Recent Discussions section on the homepage, or the white space on the right side on the homepage. All minor details that don't prevent the site from working, but that doesn't change the fact there are compatibility issues (with a rather common use of style sheets and HTML tables, not just with IE or MS).

    I too have the default installation btw. This is not an uncommon issue between browsers though, and especially with stretching tables and style sheets (many webdesigners went back to using fixed widths because of that). What you see in one browser is not what you get in another. But with those FFOX developers extensions I would probably be able to create a single version of the site that works and looks flawlessly. Still means extra work while the nr of Netscape users finally became small enough to ignore any incompatibility issues in the design. icon_wink.gif
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    I use Ffox. it works great, I haven't had a single problem with it.

    The military will not use it because, as someone said, it's not M$. Also, we have a history with IE. We are familiar with it. Our in house department that tests all software would go NUTS if they had to totally switch standards.

    Me personally, I still use it on my base machine. We're so firewalled here, it's kinda diff than using it at home.

    Oh well, Just wanted some opinions. :) Thanks
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    I can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the government uses software simply because it says MS.

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    Oh don't get me started on military BS. icon_rolleyes.gif

    I just did my upgrade training...you give me job now :D

    W00t @ ^

    :D:D:D:D I am a 3C051 now :D:D:D:D
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