How do you list IT classes with no degree?

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I apologize I've been blowing this board up lately, but I have been ultra proactive looking for a new gig, so I have run into a few questions lately.

I have a BS non IT. However I have taken IT courses, anywhere from a entry level A+ course to a database design course. Infact I have taken 3 database courses and the A+ course. How would you list them. I'll be honest I learned a lot about Databases from those classes and I feel leaving them off really hurts me. So with all that blabber being said, how would you list them on your resume?

I current have several sections in my resume. I have a quick blurb about my skill sets, like an intro. I then go into my professional experience. I then list my certifications and degree. Then I finally list the platforms/OS and applications I've touched/used.

Any ideas I am really lost on this.


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