Field Service Engineer - opinions?

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I'd like to know your opinions on the above job role. I'm currently in desktop support/Junior sysadmin role for large organisation but not learning a whole lot here anymore. I'm through to 2nd round of interviews for Field service engineer job in a very small managed IT company (Microsoft Partner). I'd be on the road visiting small to medium sized companies maintaining servers, firewalls and clients.

Has anyone made similar moves?
Where do you go after a couple of years as Field Service Engineer?

Thanks in advance.


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    I did that for about a year and that got me in touch with a lot of people which led directly to my current job as head IT honcho for a small business. Its a good idea. You'll have all sorts of things thrown at you which will help you learn alot and make you feel better about what you can handle.

    OTOH it is pretty draining. The worst part is traffic & parking. Not to mention the hours can suck sometimes. Also they'll bug you to get certs, make billable hours and drum up business when its slow. Not something I wanted to do forever.
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