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I an about to start my AGCSE coursework and need info on how companies use I.T. and what software and hardware they use. Can anyone help me icon_confused.gif: allout.gif


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    what's the exact question?
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    Like in e-mail, file- and printer sharing, Internet connetions, EDI (electronic data interchange of orders and invoice for example), research, ... I guess the keyword here is collaboration

    Hardware: servers, workstations, storage devices, routers, switches, hubs, cabling, and a PBX with mobile phones connected even...

    Software: Everything you find in MS Office ;)
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    companies would typically use servers and clients. the servers would normally consist of raid arrays and may have several cpu. servers would run windows 2000 server family operating systems and the clients would run anything from windows 95 up.

    the software used depends on the business. some will have specially written software. most often you will find they will use microsoft office suite.
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