Media disconnected?

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I have a problem with my internet connection and was hoping someone may be able to help. Two days ago, my laptop had problems connecting to the internet. My wireless adapter couldn't find the dhcp server at my house nor at my college campus, which it has never had a problem with. First, whenever it is now configured to automatically assign an ip address it switches to the I can access the internet fine when I manually assign my ip address, default gateway, etc.... None of my other computers are having a problem. I also noticed that when I tried to force my computer to get a new ip address by doing the ipconfig/release, and ipconfig/renew my computer says that it cannot perform the operation because my "media is disconnected" What exactly does that mean? Help and support do not really reference it and the only thing I thought that it could be is that my network adapter is disconnected but if it was, I can't imagine that I could configure it to access the internet at all. If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for all your help.


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    Try removing the adapter from your system completely, drivers and all. Then reboot, and reinstall the adapter. Windows should detect it automatically, and make it the default adapter. Also, check your Network connections status.
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    Is it an onboard adapter? I only ask because I had almost the exact same problem with a wireless USB adapter.
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    yes, it is an onboard adapter. Something else happened with my computer and unfortunately I have to re-install windows xp professional also. Thank you for all your help though.
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    I've run accross this problem several times. There are probably better methods of solving it, but often the problem turned out to be spyware that needed to be removed, or reload the system. If that doesn't solve it, try someone's spare PMCIA card?
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    Oh, my new problem now does not have much to do with the network adapter. I think a system restore on my computer corrupted one of the system files. Now, funny actually, there is no such thing as a network adapter or the abiltiy to configure a network on my computer. Also, system restore is no longer an option. For the computer it simple disappeared!!! As did control panel, my computer, and most other programs on the computer. Earlier I did a virus scan and a spyware scan, actually one of the very first things I did, and nothing turned up. I do agree with the spyware problems. For most people I know, they hate it more than a virus. I fix one of my relative's computer because the spyware got the point that the computer couldn't find here cd rom and neither could she get on the internet. Annoying little buggers that spyware. Anyways, thank you everyone for your help. I appreciate it.
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