Is my score good??

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Hello everyone,

I just tested today and passed both the Hardware and OS tests. YEAH!!

But I don't if my scores are really that good or not. The first one was easy. For the 220-221 Hardware, I scored 872 out of 596 in 20 questions. The second one I was scared! For the 220-222 OS Technologies, I scored 674 out of 600 in 30 questions. Is that a bad score for the OS?

Also, some of the questions on the exams were the exact same, and I mean EXACT same that were on my practice tests. I felt like I was cheating, because I already knew the answers without even thinking. I thought that would be violating Compita's rights or something. My practice tests I downloaded off of eMule named:

[ebook] ***** A+ Hardware v.3.0 (exam 220-221).rar
[ebook] ***** A+ Operating System v.3.0 (exam 220-222).rar

Alright, Later!


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    WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    Congrats on your pass...

    I've changed the name of the products you used... these are simply braindumps, of the worst kind even. What happens is that some criminal (who's probably getting paid by even bigger criminals) walks into the test center with a small digital camera and takes a screenshots of every question and converts it to a readable PDF... this is indeed violating a whole bunch of agreements and rights. The reason I use the word criminal, is simply because they steal questions ("intellectual property"). The only advice I can give in this matter is to simply stay away from companies selling practice questions in PDF format. 95% of them are real exam questions stolen from the actual test. In most cases the company even promotes their product using term like "100% real questions", "actual questions", "You will see our questions on the tests" (the latter really pisses me off... obviously it's the other way around, you will see the actual test questions in their guides)
    Besided that most of these companies are run by inexperienced technically-impared morons resulting in numerous errors in their products, it is simply cheating.
    Also, some of the questions on the exams were the exact same, and I mean EXACT same that were on my practice tests. I felt like I was cheating, because I already knew the answers without even thinking.

    I has the exact same thing when I took my first MCSE exam (NT 4 workstation). I just found out that I could get a nice certificate "proofing" I really know the stuff, while I was working in IT for a couple of years already. I had to finance it myself, so I bought a book, and used some sort of promo copy of Windows NT 4 workstation to install a lab with two machines, tried out every option, checkbox and button in the OS, red the book back and forward... twice... Someone suggested I should use practice exam to see if I was ready... this someone suggested me to go an IP address on the Internet where there were many free practice questions....
    I took the exam and it took me about 11 minutes... With every first sentence I saw, I knew the answer already and that just sucked. I already knew I was good in memorizing things and besides that I proofed nothing by taking the exam...

    Back to your score: the A+ core score would be about average and the OS is a close call... but hey, a pass is a pass. I suggest you do some additional reading on the OS part syou know you had trouble with....

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    tractor boytractor boy Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Alright, thanks dude. icon_wink.gif Everything makes sense now.

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    the thing about adaptive exams is that the difficulty of your next question is dictated by the correctness of your previous answer.

    perhaps the **** you used only had the easier questions. it's better to learn your stuff rather than anticipate questions and answers - if you want to guarantee your pass (and exam fee), there is no way to be certain that the questions you have are either up-to-date (the vendors will periodically change their pool of questions), correct, actual questions from the exam or for the correct exam (some practise sites still use question based on a+ objectives when it used to test win3.x!).
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    Your scores are good. Do not feel bad about them. It is just exams. When you take exams, it depends on your luck on what kind of questions you got. I passed A+ core with 844 and only 773 in OS. I dont feel bad because I studied and that's all it counted. I know the stuffs. You right I seen some questions were the same as the website but as long as you understand the answers, that's all that matter. It is very important that you understand than just memorlize them. My classmate got core 800 and 1106 in OS. I was the one doing better than he was in the class. However, he got lucky because He studied and memorilized all the answers. It just so happened that the same questions came up. However, he does not understand. If in reality in the job market, you do not understand what you learned, even a certificaion can you keep you alive in IT job market. Therefore, do not feel bad. You studied and you understood the materials. That is it.
    Congratulations!! feel proud of yourself. Go out in the IT market to show your stuffs.
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    bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    your score will not appear on your certificate. if an employer wants to see your certificate, all he will see is that you passed.

    a lot, if not all, microsoft exams are just pass/fail. they don't tell you your score, or give you any idea which objectives you failed questions on.
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    ghaoufghaouf Inactive Imported Users Posts: 317
    if you used braindumps i realy do not think that you desirve the A+ more like an F
    but if you did not you did great
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