Passed Network+ today!

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Yay, I passed Network+ today with 833 icon_cheers.gif ! I used Sybex book, technotes from this site and practice questions from the book and the internet. Overall, I found that the scenario questions are a lil' easier and less confusing than the non-scenario ones. The questions are really just a mix of everything(duh!). Like everybody else said, know your OSI model and their functions(don't get confused of which layer does which!), what devices and protocols operate at each layer, whether they're connection oriented or connectionless,TCP/IP and its utils(know the output they produce and when to use em),common ports,devices(passive hub,active hub,managed hub,switch etc),WAN technologies,connecting different systems...well you get the idea. There's just this one question I have a gripe with: The question asked me to identify this one port but when I clicked on the exhibit, it asked me to identify a different port! I am 100% sure that the two ports are not related in any way possible. I just clicked on the port based on the question from the main layout. Anyway, I wanna say thanks again to everybody for the tips and to the webmaster for the technotes(They really helps a lot).


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    Congrats, dude! :D
    I'll (hopefully) be sitting for mine soon. I too, have the sybex book, and am using the notes/tests from this, and other sites. Congrats on your pass!
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    great job you earned it :D:D

    i am going to take mine soon also
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    I had the same exact same question in refrence to the diffrent port. It was i believe a fiber optic port.. It asked me to identify one port open the exibite and in the exbite it ask to identify a diffrent port. I was like what the hell. But any way Congrats nice job.. :D
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    Thanks everybody! FR429 and ghaoufa, good lucks on your test. You guys can do it! Pete, you got that question too? I guess I should file a complaint to Comptia about that question before someone fails the test coz of that.
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    Congrats on passing!! Nice score!!

    I got the same question as well. How long has this version of the test been out? I wonder why they haven't corrected this issue.
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    so they asked you for example to open the exibit and identify a 10base2 cable but in the exibit they asked you to identify a fiber optic

    thank you

    what is next
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