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.NET Framework 3.5 Windows Forms Application Development 70-505

Hi All

I am busy studing for 70-505, I have a question regarding the exams.

Are they mulitpul choice questions and real life scenary as wll as devloping an app during the exam? when i pass this exam i am going to studdy for 70-561 ADO.net and then MCPD.

I have a couple of years devloping programs in vb.net and recently started c#.net with c# express 2008, and noticed you cant create an MDI application which is required for the exam.

Where can i get the Visual Studio 08 trial version from? I cant find it on Microsofts website.

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    earweed has given you the link, for the rest of your question...

    You are generally shown a piece of code and then pick the right piece of code to complete or correct the function or functions. Other questions are to see what you know about the visual studio api use and dot net. You get to pick your language of choice VB or C# at the beginning of the exam, you can't change that choice once you start.

    I have only done the MCPD asp series and ado so far so that is all I can tell you. I decided to wait until I was up to speed on VS 2010 and dot net 4.0 to do the rest. That gives me time to find out what they are going to change.

    Unless you have a preference I would cut the cord and move to C# full force now that vb's champion Billg has moved on. That seems to be the growing consensus anyway.

    A question for you. You can of course do the exams in any order but since you asked how the exams are structured I wonder if you have taken 536 already since it is the pre-req for any of the developer series for VS 2005 or VS 2008. Are you skipping windows developer and going straight for enterprise developer?

    You might want to browse this link since the pathways can be confusing Certified Developer | MCPD | Microsoft Certified Professional Developer click on the certifications tab for requirements.

    Well good luck
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    Thanks for the replie.

    I have put 70-505 on hold and started studding for the 70-536 exam using the ps press 2nd addtion book.

    This does not look like an easy exam to pass. I don't have a sime span on when to complete this exam . i will be studding for at least 2-3 months before taking it.

    This will also be my first cert and i will take the exam in c#.

    My main accomplishment im heading towards in ado.net which will be my 3rd exam after 70-505 the off to MCPD
    Current Certs: None Yet:(
    Want to achieve in 2014: A+, Net+
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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,041 Admin
    Did you ever schedule or take the 70-536 exam?
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