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If I.m getting 100% on the IRQ test that is on this web site and also getting 97% on the Boson CompTIA A+ Core Hardware (220-301) Test #2 Should I be alset for the Exam or should I try more pratice test.

How good are the Boson pratice Test?




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    I've hear that Boson tests are among the most difficult available. You should take several different tests to be sure, though, not just those two.
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    Try as many websites as possible. You want to make sure your answers are not based on memory. But, I don't know how often you are taking the test. I know if I take a test more than once, no matter how many questions there are, I will memorize the question and answer. Just make sure you know your stuff. You should be good to go!

    Another great website

    Best of luck!

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