Printing problem in Windows 2000 mix mode - Help

laserdudelaserdude Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi All,

I am in need of some expert advise as I am having an extremely tough time figuring out the solution to this problem.

The Domain is a Windows 2000 mix mode.
There are 2 Domain controllers running Windows 2000 server
All client machines are running Windows XP SP1
There are around 15 printers around the office, domain controller 1 is the print server

I have recently removed the GPO for automated software assignment and enabled roaming profiles
All clients can print as normal to 14 of the 15 printers

There is one printer that is giving me grief, the situation is like this

from the Domain controller (Windows 2000 server) I can print as normal to it, I can do a test page printout no problems

from any of the Client machines (Windows XP SP1) I can NOT print a test page or a pdf but I CAN however print a word doc, print from IE, print text.

When I try and print a test page from the client I receive this message

"Test page failed to print. Would you like to view printer troubleshooter for assistance? Operation could not be completed."

Does anyone know why this is happening? I am guessing that it might be a printer driver problem but the thing is that it was working before I changed the profiles to roaming.

Thank you in advance


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    D-boyD-boy Member Posts: 595
    Try reloading the printer driver icon_wink.gif Are you using a PCL or Postscript driver?
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    mikiemovmikiemov Member Posts: 182
    I had the exact same problem, on the print server:

    stop the print spool service
    create a new folder, and point spool folder to this new folder
    start print spool service

    This resolved it for my network.
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    laserdudelaserdude Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the replies D-boy and Mikie

    D-boy -> I am using PCL drivers

    Mikie -> I will try that today and will tell you how that went.

    Thanks again!
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