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I will be taking my A+ cert exams and i am just wondering if anyone has any study tips/hints? I would like to get a really good study guide or some new books any suggestions?


  • cliffjag1987cliffjag1987 Member Posts: 206
    I used the book of david growth Sybex A+ complete 3rd edition. I found it covered the objectives. But as a favorites of everybody is A+ complete study guides by Micheal Myers. But its up to you. You could also use the awsome technotes from this site and from after you have done reading your book.

    I think i helped you and wish you good luck in your studying

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    I'm currently using Michael Meyers All-In-One A+ Certification exam guide and so far it is excellent. I've been studying on and off for my A+ (for the past 2 years - I know) and this so far has been a great study guide. I plan on taking both exams by the end of this month (Wish Me Luck).

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