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I just scheduled the test for September 22. I wanted it probably a week or two sooner but that was the first available slot at my neighborhood testing center. I just started the CBT Nuggets for this last night but I think I'll be ready in 6 weeks. My current plan is this:

Watch all the CBT Nuggets and take obsessive notes
Read the MSPress book, focusing on anything that is tough or that seems important from the objectives
Read the MCSE In a Nutshell book for a good review
Take the MeasureUp or some other practice test

I'm not looking past this test but it doesn't seem too crazy. Dealing with GPO and AD is pretty common, though not from a creation stand point. The above has worked for passes so far. There's also a lot of good stuff in this forum I'll be reading.

Is there any book that is particularly good for this test?
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    Sounds like a good plan. I know this is a tough test, but I think you should be alright. Good luck
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    Nice, seems you'll be well prepared. But yeah I agree it doesn't seem too bad at all. I'm hoping to take it the 2nd week of September. But anyhow, I wish you luck.
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    I wanted to take it earlier in the month because my mother and brother in law are going to be staying with me the weekend before until the day before the test. There's a chance I'll move it up to the Saturday before since there is a testing center within a few hours drive that tests one Saturday per month now.

    I think 6 weeks is too much time and I'll forget a lot. I tend to do best with 4 weeks. 2 to study, a few days to slack a bit and 1.5 to do hardcore review and panic mode studying. I just didn't want to have to get a hotel room to make an 8:30 appointment in northern KY.
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