Need help with your lab?

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If you are studying for your CCNA Security, CCSP or CCIE Security lab and need someone to show you how to configure anything relating to ASAs or router security, please contact me.

I can setup an interactive remote presentation\lab session for you and we can walk through any issues you are having.

For a 15 minute session, please email me what you was like to go through and message me!


p.s. This is free of charge for a limited period of time!!!!


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    Fair enough to offer help but you probably shouldn't post it in three separate forums at the same time with identical content.

    Good luck to you though. Hopefully its a quality service.
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    Hi Chmorin,

    Sorry for the 3 different posts but I want to be able to help anyone from CCNA level upwards and not sure if CCNA level students would be looking in the CCIE thread and vice vera.

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