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Hey everyone,

I am finally moving towards getting my A+. Some of you know that I just started here yesterday; and it is because of this forum that I am so anxious to get started, so first of all Thank you all!

I ordered Mike Meyers' A+, Net+, and Sec+ All In One Guides, got a really good deal on Amazon since I'm a student. I got the fast one day shipping for just 3.99 per item. Awesome, i feel as though I've already passed(in terms of excitement)!!! I plan on taking the 701 and 702 hopefully mid or late September. I'm not sure if they only test on certain days; I'm sure they do.

So anyway, pretty useless post lol. Anyone have any study tips, particularly from those who have used this literature to aid in their self study ? I keep hearing FLASH CARDS FLASH CARDS FLASH CARDS lol. Lets see some input folks.
Certification Goals

CompTIA A+ 701 & 702 - by December
CompTIA Network+ - by Feb 2011
CompTIA Server + - by May 2011 (At the latest)

Currently Studying
Mike Meyers - All In One Guide to A+ (60%)
Mike Meyers - All In One Guide to Network+(60%)
Network+ Guide to Networks Fifth Edition - Tamara Dean(2%)
The Complete Guide to Servers and Server+ - Micheal Graves(2%)
TestOut Labsim - Network +
TestOut Labsim - Server+


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