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Hi All,

Could someone please explain what the folllowing command means?

ip nat pool ovrld prefix-length 24

Thanks for your help in advance.



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    What part is confusing to you? It just creates a NAT pool with the name ovrld with those addresses with a /24 mask.
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    Okay I'll write it out.... (this is partially for my benefit too;))

    IP nat inside
    (Usually the private network interface with the addresses that will be NAT'd outside)

    IP nat outside
    (Applied usually to the internet connected interface. Inside addresses will use this interfaces IP as their return address)

    "ip nat pool ovrld prefix-length 24"
    IP nat inside source list 1 pool ovrld "overload"

    This is a dynamic nat type setup however there is only one IP address in the pool. If you had a block of IP addresses you could choose to overload and use PAT or not. In this case if you did not overload you'd only get one outside connection at a time which would be pretty useless.

    This could also be written as follows.

    IP nat inside source list 1 interface serial 0/0 overload

    This assumes the IP address of S0/0 is and that access list 1 permits the private addresses that are to be Nat'd.

    Hope that helps
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