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I was just curious how indeph the A+ exam goes as far as the evolution of the CPU. The Meyers guide Im studying with covers a large amount of history, and the many differences and upgrades over the years. Im aware that talk about the test questions has a very thin line between useful information and too much.

But should I spend alot of time and energy realizing the differences between every CPU listed in the book, (it starts at the Intel 8088 from 1978 lol), or should I just grasp and appreciate the suddel differences and focus more on how they work today.
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    It's fair game to focus on what the major sockets are, which CPUs are multi-core, which are 64-bit, etc. Difference between HyperTransport, Hyperthreading, and some basic stuff on caches. Mike Meyers included a free 1 hour video demo on the CD which covers CPU and RAM. Worth watching if you haven't. Also know which ones are socket-based (and PGA vs. LGA) and which are slot-based. Everything is fair game! I wouldn't worry too much about the ancient stuff.
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    I didn't have to study the ancient stuff when I took the A+ as I had worked with 8088's back in the day..lol I guess I'm ancient.
    Cert Poor pretty well explained what you need to worry about.
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