Passed CWNA! =)

YAY! Passed today with an 83%.

Radio Frequency(RF) Technologies 85%
IEEE 802.11 Regulations and Standards 90%
IEEE 802.11 Protocols and Devices 92%
IEEE 802.11 Network Implementation 90%
IEEE 802.11 Network Security 85%
IEEE 802.11 RF Site Surveying 33%

I definitely got lucky w/ some of the less challenging questions, but glad I wasn't curve-balled all that much. Maybe they were less challenging because i went deep into this cert? As you can see, i bombed the site survey questions. To have questions on any test so broad sometimes is tough.

That being said; was satisfying to knock my first "real" exam(as i call it) down. I will never look at a sectorized array, AP in a coffee shop, or wlan security mechanisms the same :p

Study Materials Included :

CWNA Official Sybex Guide - really really really good book, tons of information..maybe too much. For Self Study, some of the harder topics actually clicked for me. Guess that's what separates a decent book from a great book.
*Note->> For Chp 9, they require the use of Airmagnet software for frame analysis, yet only supports specific cards =(. I went ahead and bought the ALFA AWUS036H for WEP/WPA2/wireshark analysis. Aircrack suite compatible for your own educational penetration testing icon_wink.gif and for learning about MGMT+Control+Data Frames in a protocol analyzer. Oh and works 100% on Linux distros

***Don't forget the Whitepapers!

CWNA Official Practice Test - some of these questions were all over the place regarding the exam objectives. Still a good source for challenging last minute questions before the test.

GTHill's Study Digest - perfect for a layman's explanation and overview b4 the exam. NOT a study guide, more of a review.

Various Tools on the net, my own residental gateway + Software on the cd.

I personally would like to start getting my hands dirty with a WLAN controller right about now hehe. For anybody out with the CWSP; how is the overall cert itself? The CWNA only had a 10% security domain, yet was the most interesting for me.


`sry for the wall of text icon_sad.gif
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