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heres a bit of background of me. I currently work at UPS as a package handler so i'm getting 0 IT experience. Robert Half Technology contacted me on sunday about a position for it helpdesk asked if i was intrested. It was wierd because i never applied for them they found my resume and contacted me we scheduled a job intrrview. the interview went well went over my skills and took a test. The position is helpdesk for a antivirus software for customers i will be remoting logging and ofcourse technical issues. The position is there, i need to attend the job training that has been scheduled for me to befamiliar with the software. the interviewer said the job is basically mine that i have to mess up real bad in the training not to get the position and i should be fine. my job experience on IT is none but i have certification and school background will this bee a good opportunity or will i be wasting my time. they pay isnt great but im more concerned about putting my foot in the IT field.


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    Take the job, get your foot in that door then look to move on, moving on while your starting out IMO is the best way to get your CV filled up.
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    I actually took a pay cut to go from selling refrigerators at Sears to working at a telecom but 2 1/2 yrs later (keeping in mind I moved to the SF area for the job) was making 86k. I say go for it!
    OK, I confess, I do have one certification. I am an ACIA - Arcsight Certified Integrator/Administrator. But it's awarded for attending the class. Woot. And while it's a fine skill to have, my interests lay elsewhere.
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    Take it man. Unless you've got another offer just sitting there waiting for you. You have certs and 0 experience so this will be your experience to move in and up in IT.
    I go for an interview Thursday for a job and if I get it I'll have to move but I need to get started in IT.
    No longer work in IT. Play around with stuff sometimes still and fix stuff for friends and relatives.
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    Take it do not be scared.. We were all down this same road.
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    Sounds like a fine opportunity to me. Learn some software and develope your softskills while gaining experience. Do it man!
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    icon_thumright.gif Go for it. As said before, we all went down this path at some point. Use it as an experience to understand software development cycles and help you get acquainted with how "customer service" actually runs on the IT side of things. Some experience is better than no experience.

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    like always u guys have great advice. ill be going for it and finally get some IT experience after all many of us start at the bottom. :) and i have nothing to lose but alot to gain :)
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    take the job
    get experience
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    As long as you can handle the change in pay and benefits I'd say go for it. My experience with staffing companies is that they usually do not come through (promises of temp to perm jobs and pay raises) as I have seen many people burned. There are other ways to gain experience if your not fully comfortable with leaving your current job like volunteering for local charities and/or small businesses and signing up to be a substitute technician for a school district (amazingly easy to get exp this way).

    It's hard to say if you should or should. If your single and no bills by all means go for it. Anything else and you have to look at what happens if scenarios.

    Good Luck either way.
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    Mojo_666 wrote: »
    Take the job, get your foot in that door then look to move on, moving on while your starting out IMO is the best way to get your CV filled up.

    what's CV?
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    Mike-Mike wrote: »
    what's CV?

    CV = Curriculum Vitae
    You guys call it a Resume. ;)
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    Mike-Mike wrote: »
    what's CV?

    Writing Curriculum Vitae
    Mojo_666 wrote: »
    CV = Ciriculum Vitae
    You guys call it a Resume. ;)

    No its a little different. I think CVs are mostly for teachers and stuff here.
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