What's your take on university certifications and certification programs

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I live is St Louis Missouri and we have a bunch of fine University providing these certification training programs. They aren't quiet a masters degree but they are from the same curriculum and provided some good knowledge from what I can tell.

Webster University provides a Data Mining/Statistics one. It's a one year program 5 classes and it provides an intro to database and then goes into business intelligence, data mining 1 & 2, regressions and standard deviation etc. Again this is not a masters program, but a certification program. So what's your take?

Now there is another form of this, but not quiet as time intensive regarding the duration of the certification. Essentially these are a one class program that teaches you a specific skill set. These are provide by an organization called CAIT, which is sponsered through Washington University, which is a fantastic school. Evidentally once the course has been completed you get a diploma based certification saying you are certified from Washington University for this particular genre of knowlegdge, of course this is pending an exam. My friend had his work pay for the business analyst one and he said he learned a lot. He is also enrolled in a MIS program from one of the local Universities. Completely seperate from Washington University.

Just wondering what you thought and if the ROI is there? These course can run form high hundreds to low thousands. The webster program I discussed for the decision support program, cost around 19,000 once you are done. I believe there are 6 classes that you need to take. Maybe 5 I forget.

Another thing how would you list that on your resume? Sorry for the questions, but I might be interested in something like this for the future.
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