How would you go about volunteering if all you can do is remote work?

I would happily, since it's been 2 1/2 yrs since I touched a real router or pix/asa, volunteer maybe 10 hrs a week to get my hands dirty (ok, as dirty as a VPN and putty can get them). I'd think the odds would be "remote" that anyone would take a chance on me - my motivation would surely be suspect. Anyone have any ideas or resources? Thanks!
OK, I confess, I do have one certification. I am an ACIA - Arcsight Certified Integrator/Administrator. But it's awarded for attending the class. Woot. And while it's a fine skill to have, my interests lay elsewhere.


  • erpadminerpadmin Member Posts: 4,165
    Have you looked into public libraries/schools in your area? A number of public libraries provide the Interwebs now. I am sure if you give the IT Director a call to set up an appointment, he/she may be accomodating. Who knows, you may even get a job out of it.

    But there should be a number of non-profits in your area that would love IT volunteers. Do some cold calling.
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