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ok i have the 4 test i want to take for my mcsa the client is going to be the XP exam and then the elective will be the windows 7.

Now my question is will any of the 4 test transfer over to mcse? Honestly i am looking for the best advice and basically a "Advisor" type person on my journey.

I will be thru with the Cisco Network Academy in December so I will be taking my CCNA then and start studying for CCNA: SECURITY AND WIRELESS.

I am also studying for the Security+ and the A+(to get out of 3 college courses).

But want to obtain my MCSA as fast as possible and get these certs done to go with my experience to help solidify my career.

I am 27 married with 2 kids(7 and 5) and was laidoff a year ago and needing to get things wrapped up.

Any help be it thru here or PM would be awesome, and if you know a place to get books cheap or may want to loan me a book to study pleasecontact me.


WGU BS: IT-Security
In Progress: C170, C246
To Be Completed: C247, C299, C697, C698, C435, C436, C179


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