CISA exam fees

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Hey all,

I tried to find the price of the CISA exam on Internet via ISACA website.

What I found indicates that CISA is ten times more expensive than CISSP.

Is that also your view? Or I missed something?



  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned
    You definitely missed something; they're almost the same price.

    Register for the CISA Exam

    You get a discount if you're an ISACA member. I joined just to get the discount, but I'm enjoying my local chapter activities.
  • EvilAngelEvilAngel Posts: 18Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the info!!

    As I am not in US (I am in France), I need to go through my national representation of ISACA in order to take the CISA exam.

    The document I read was not clear: there was a course included in the price.

    Finally, I find the way to susbcribe for the exam:
    $300 to subscribe to ISACA and
    $415 for the exam,

    so roughly 550 euros.

    Way cheaper than what I found at first.
  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned
    Also, you don't need to be a member of ISACA to take the exam. That just gets you a discount on the exam, subscribes you to their magazine, allows you to attend events, etc.
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    There's a good chance your employer will pay for ISACA membership. Its relatively cheap.
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    If you are a student, you can register for student membership. You still get the exam discounts, but for way cheaper membership dues. ($25 plus your local chapter dues, often reduced for students)
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