Weekend plans?



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    dynamik wrote: »
    Forgot the fights were tonight, UFC 118.

    New sig?

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    Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, so three day weekend.

    I will be mostly studying towards CCIE R&S

    Fiancée is at work for most of the weekend, so i'm free to do whatever really.

    Visited my dad yesterday, that was great. Watched the Belgian F1 race today, more awesome. Rest of today will be CCIE. Tomorrow, I've got some housework to do, and yup, you guessed it, more CCIE.

    A pretty good weekend for me.

    Next weekend I've got some of my best mates coming down to stay over for the night and we're off into town, and then Saturday my Best Man (and I'm his Best Man when he gets married in 2012) is down for the afternoon.

    Next weekend will be busy.
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    gorebrush wrote: »
    Watched the Belgian F1 race today, more awesome.

    Was quite awesome that race :) poor old vitel, I just feel if he could hold it together he would walk to the championship. But good to see Hamilton win.

    As for me I been looking after the little one, watching the F1, and adding stuff to my blog. And reading up for my SWITCH exam.
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