Lab cleanout

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Hi All,
I am trying to clean out 1 of my 4 routers. I won't be taking my next test (CCNA renewal or CCNA: Security) until 2012. Between now and then, I may get some newer routers, but I want to clean out one of my old ones.

Which one should I get rid of?

I think the 2501-2 would be the best bet to liquidate. I like the 1721 the least because of its form factor, but I think it has the most potential.

1. 2522 - 16,384KB flash, 14,336KB/2,048KB RAM, IOS 12.2
----Special feature: 8 A/S Serial slots

2. 1721 - 32,768KB flash, 55,374KB/10,162KB RAM, IOS 12.2
---Special features: fast ethernet port, 2 WIC slots, one populated with a dual serial WIC.

3. 2501 - 16,384KB flash, 16,384KB/2,048KB RAM, IOS 12.3

4. 2501 - 16,384KB flash, 8,192KB/2,048KB RAM, IOS 12.3
---RAM upgrade limited by firmware chip on main board.

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