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Hi all & Expertise,

I'm need your advise regarding my scenario. Currently i have 2 Core Switch (EX820icon_cool.gif at Server room and access switch at each Floor (1 to 34) and each floor have each VLAN. Previously i have experience setup using STP in Cisco but not in Juniper Enterprise. My Question now how about if i using OSPF in design for each floor?

DHCP Server connected to CoreSwitch. Each Vlan have Default gateway that pointing to interface vlan at CoreSwitch.

I dont want using STP but still want to get default gateway for each vlan same as using STP. Is it possible if we using OSPF? Thanks need your advise..


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    Well yes, it's possible to use OSPF instead of using STP but I don't know if this will get the same results. OSPF is a routing protocol that can prevent layer 3 loops where as STP is a protocol that prevents layer 2 loops.

    I guess if you don't have redundant layer 2 paths in the network then you can turn off STP all together. You could have two paths of switches through the network but only run family inet on the interfaces and basically turn them into routers. But to me this would be too much of a headache. I'd recommend using STP/RSTP in this situation.

    And really, after a little reading on Juniper website you'll understand how to implement STP/RSTP on your Juniper switches. :D
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    Hi Aldur,

    Thanks for your feedback and reply. I'm found in cisco in title of "Routed Access Layer - High Availabilty Campus Network Design" to implement this technic but in juniper i'm not found. Is there any document that same with this title in juniper? thanks.
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