Anyone buy stocks online?

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I'm interested in it, but haven't the first idea where to begin. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    I use tdwaterhouse, they are really good. get in touch with a broker & learn the game for awhile. I wish I would have bought googles IPO's.
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    Yes, Googles IPO went at $35 a share. You'd be selling now for almost $200. I think there should a law that says the general public has the right to purchase all IPOs from the start. Banks buy them all out, and then resell at a higher price. A friend of mine used E-trade and Scottrade. Said they're both good.
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    I use E-trade and I like it a lot. My portfolio only includes one stock right now (Symantec). I like it a lot, and it's really easy to use.

    I would recommend checking out E-trade's site for more information.
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    TeKniques, so from what I see, if I buy a stock and just hold onto it...I pay a $25 a month maintenance fee?

    Seems like you ending up paying a ton just to trade/keep the stocks, what do you end up paying for trading/holding?
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    I use scottrade and the only fee they charge is the $7 fee when you buy and $7 when you sell. So total amount is $14 to buy then sell. It costs nothing to sit on a stock.

    I also use sharebuilder. For $20 a month you can select 20 different stocks to buy every month. It will also buy partial stocks for you. If you use dividend reinvestment and pick 20 different stocks it's like setting up your own mutual fund where you have complete control.
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